Steps And Processes

Step One: Product Development:  
We move your product forward towards your goal with concept analysis, design prototyping, manufacturing and business logistics. We specialize in product design and prototyping. We excel at crafting high-quality eye-catching cost-efficient designs.
Step Two: Product Manufacturing and Costs:  
Our system uniquely caters to startups and small business owners. We indentify your best possible solutions, then develop and manufacture your product to your specifications. We over-see your complete manufacturing process to accomplish your goals in the fastest most cost effective time.
Step Three: Product Launch:  
HexCorp makes your product launch stand out with stellar copy (product descriptions, brochures, catalogs, fliers, newsletters, press releases, video scripts), alluring websites, logos, and eye-catching photography. We can also guide you to create your own promotional materials.
Step Four: On-line Marketing:  
Our social media team works with bloggers, reporters, and local companies to spread the word to their followers. We target your demographics and expertly weave search engine optimization into your online content and campaigns drawing even more potential customers.
Step Five: Off-line Marketing:  
Why limit your marketing and sales to just your store or to website shoppers? Volume and visibility is the key! Selling wholesale, moves much more volume and creates more product awareness than doing it all on your own. HexCorp targets retailers and distributors through industry specific trade shows; grass-roots campaigns and vast media outreach in order to get your product on the shelf and let it do the advertising for you.
Step Six: Delivering the Goods:  
Use our warehouse and staff to inventory, ship and deliver your goods. We can show you other options that might better suite you (i.e. Amazon warehousing and shipping services). We can answer your phone calls and handle customer returns/echanges in our streamlined facility so you don't have to. We provide you with options to free your time to focus on essentials.
Step Seven: Running Your Business:  
Our expert staff supports your business' daily needs that often occur when you over-extend yourself. We're here to help, so give us a call!